Sunday, November 19, 2006

I am blogging!

With all of the blogging going on, I decided it was time to get off my butt and start a blog too! Since I am totally new to blogging, until I figure this all out, this page will be pretty plain. One day, I will "decorate" it in my style though.
I am not sure how much I will write, as even with a diary, I tend not to write too many things down!
Since I plan on using this more for my scrapbooking than personal, don't expect to see alot of what's going on in my life stuff here. Not that I actually think too many people outside of my family and friends will actually read this but you never know!

So, with all that being said, why did I start a blog?
Well, I am VERY into scrapbooking and wanted a way to share my designs. I sell my products at 1hourscrap under the name of Spellweaver. I wanted a place to give out freebies once in awhile and to show off my new products as I create them. You can find my products here:
I also run the monthly Daily Download Challenge at 1hourscrap. I create a new kit each month and the members get a new piece of it each day. Each week, from the pieces they have collected, they create an "emerging" layout, adding more to it each week until the final week when the completed layout is posted. For each week that a layout is posted, they earn "bonus" pieces; usually quickpages created from the kit or more pieces for the kit. It is great fun and if you haven't already joined us, come on over! You can find the challenge forum here:

(Dec 2007 Edit - I am no longer with 1HourScrap but many of my products can be found in the bargain bins. I leave the link to 1HourScrap up for those who don't know yet about this great site!)

Besides designing for 1hourscrap, I do quality control on kits at Digitals and I am the Layout Team Coordinator at Scrapbookers Playground. I would like to take a minute and say something about SBP Layout Team. This is THE best Layout Team in the digi world! Ok, I may be a bit prejudiced but I know if you take a look at the layouts these ladies create, you will agree! They are all over the gallery at SBP let alone at the many sites on the net!
We could sure use some more members! If you are reading this and are interested in being on a creative team, come join us at Scrapbookers Playground! You get to choose from every designer in the store, making 2 layouts per kit you choose. There is no set minimum per month but if you do a certain amount of layouts, you earn bonus credits that can be used in the store to purchase kits of your choice! This site really rewards their layout team in so many ways and we would love to have more members!

Ok, enough today! You now have a picture anyway, of what I do in the digi world. I'd say check back often but I am not sure how often I will write! lol

Have a wonderful day!