Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 24

I haven't forgotten you all, honest! I read the comment from Sherry about people getting viruses from 4shared. I did some checking and it seems like there is a lot of that going around so I am not going to use 4shared for the downloads at this time. I am looking for a place to upload files so you can get them. I have been busy today with several other things though so I haven't found one I like yet. I will keep searching and when I find one, will post the cards again for you to dowload as well as any days I may miss. Please bear with me and if anyone has any suggestions for a place to host the files, please let me know!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23 - More Auschwitz

Just a quick post today. I have another postcard from Auschwitz.
I, personally, don't know what the building is since my daughter took the photo. Look at all of that barbed wire though! How horrible it must have been for those that were here.
At the back of the photo, on the left, it looks like a guard tower. I have seen a lot of these in other photos DD took here.
The building looks to be in remarkable condition. I wonder if it has been renovated?

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Here in Holland, in Amsterdam, we have the Anne Frank house. I went through it one day. It was so hard to picture her family living there and what it must have been like for them all. I imagine it had to be thousands of times better than Auschwitz though.

Thanks for stopping by! See you again tomorrow!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 22 - Auschwitz

I thought I would start out with this photo since it is so stark. It gives me a great feeling of sadness to see this. I probably won't be loading many postcards from Auschwitz as there are students in a lot of the photos but I will try and get as many in as I can to give you an idea of how it looks. I think it is just one of those places you have to go to rather than just see the photos.

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So hubby and I had a nice day/night yesterday. We shopped all day practically. Groceries, garden supplies, stuff to put up shelves in the house, fencing and posts for the back yard, and more. It was a busy day!
We did get to KFC for dinner which was "echt lekker"! lol That means really tasty! :o)
After dinner we came home and he got my shelves up over my desk. I now have a nice little area to work in finally! Yea!!!

Today, hubby and the neighbor got a couple of the fence pieces up before it started raining. They will finish later this week. Oh I will be so happy to have the new fencing up! I swear, everyone has fencing between their houses here in Holland. We used to but we had a really bad wind storm this winter and it just ripped our fencing right up! Since it got so cold this winter, there hasn't been much of a chance to replace it since it was torn apart!
Since we all live so close here, it has been quite strange not having that border between us and the neighbors! I feel better just having the few up that they did manage to get up so far!

Tonight, the in-laws brought dd home as she was at their house this weekend. They stayed for awhile, which is always nice. I am so lucky in the in-law department! I couldn't ask for better in-laws!
After they left, hubby and I watched a bit of tv and then I attended an online baby shower for our dear sweet Stacey, at Digitals.

I am now posting today's postcard and then I am off to finish watching tonight's "Ghost Whisperer" with hubby. I just can't believe they killed Jim off! How could they do that??? (I know, you are probably thinking, Jim killed off? That was like forever ago! It probably was for those of you in the States! lol Don't tell me what happens! ) :o)

Ok, well, I better get moving! It is almost midnight here!
Thanks for stopping by again! See you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21 - Poland

Hello again! :o) Happy Saturday! I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend, OFF the computer!

The kids will both be gone for the night which is a rare treat! Hubby and I are going out to eat and then will just spend some quiet time alone! How nice that will be! Don't get me wrong! I love my kids, love having them around, but every once in awhile, having a night and day just us is pretty nice! :o)
Sherry, I hate to disappoint you again but we are just going out for fast food; either Burger King or KFC! Yes, we have those as well as Subway, Dominoes Pizza and probably others I don't know about! Personally, I am glad to have a bit of "home" here in Holland even if it doesn't taste quite the same!

Today's postcard is actually not a photo I took! This one my daughter took when she was in Poland this past year as an exchange student. She tends to take photos like I do but she has a real eye for it, I think! This photo is one from up in the mountains, somewhere in Krakow. I think she did a beautiful job centering it all, don't you? I added the "Poland" to the postcard and put my daughter's name on there this time. Here is today's postcard:

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How do you all feel about postcards created from photos from Auschwitz? She took some photos there, but just outside, as you are not allowed to photograph in the buildings. She did get a few really good photos but I hesitated to use them. I mean Aushwitz, while a big part of history, may not be something you would like a postcard of, you know? Sound off in the comment area and let me know if you are interested. If so, I will create some postcards from those photos. None of them are....um, hard to look at. They are just of buildings, fencing, train tracks, stuff like that. She has some photos that I just can't make postcards out of as even I don't think I would be comfortable doing so!

Well, I hope you enjoy today's postcard! Thanks for stopping by and see you again tomorrow!

Friday, February 20, 2009

February 20 - Indian reservation?

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.....
Did you think I forgot you today? I didn't! Just running behind as usual, of late!

Coming home from a weekend getaway last summer, we stopped at a McDonald's for a much needed coffee. Pulling into the lot was like pulling into the Old West. All around the lot and the outdoor sitting areas, there were Indians, teepees, and totem poles. The area was quite wooded so the Indian stuff, all wood, was pretty cool! The inside of the McDonald's was all done up in an Indian/Old West theme as well. It was a great place to stop and rest for a bit.

Today's postcard is an Indian carved out of wood and tucked into some bushes. Cool, huh?

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Thanks for stopping by! See you again tomorrow!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19 - coffee beans

You are probably asking yourself what coffee beans have to do with postcards, huh?
Today's postcard is one side of a little statue I found outside of a coffeeshop in Dordrecht last year. Just something a bit different and a little fun! I thought it was so cute!
The whole thing is actually 3 coffee bean sacks and another coffee bean statue on the other side. That one is a bit different than this one but the photo didn't come out as well as this side. I think it makes a cute postcard though, don't you? (Remember, the preview is smaller and lower quality than the actual postcard!)

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It was a busy day for me. I had a dr's appointment this morning and then new glasses this afternoon plus had to get some shopping done in between. Then more grocery shopping before dinner, then a movie with my daughter tonight. It was a good day though and the sun was shining which definitely made it even better! How was your day? Did you get sunshine, too?

Well, I am off again! Funny huh? I finally get time on the computer but have to go! (Of course, I am typing this after midnight so I need to get to bed!)
Thanks for stopping by! See you again tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 18 - butterflies & buds

Another quick post today.This is an older photo I have of a butterfly I caught on a flower. I like to try and catch these photos as close as I can. This one could be closer but it's not bad. The full size photo you can see a lot more than here in the preview.

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I hope you enjoy today's postcard! That's it for today!
Sorry to post and run but I must! :o)
Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!

February 17

Going to post this while I have a chance! These days I never know when I will get the time or the chance to be on my own computer! lol Ah well, homework must come first, right?

Today's postcard is a bit different! There is a whole water/sealife area in the zoo. This is a photo I took of one of the water displays. They look like sea anemones but I am not certain if that's what they are! I believe they are though.
If you look closely at the photo, especially the full size one in the zip file, you can see all the little babies on the bottom. Aren't they just the sweetest?

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Well, that's about all the time I have for now! Thanks for stopping by again!

Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15 & 16

Ok, I know I am a day late! Or two.... Sorry about that! Things just got so busy and my DD has been using my computer while hers is out so time on here has been limited lately. I do have 2 postcards for you though! I won't miss any of them, even if they are a day late! :o)

Today's postcards are both from the zoo. One is a gorgeous flower and the other is a gorgeous bird. The bird almost looks like a picture but I swear, it's a photo I took! lol I have another bird photo like this that looks like a painting yet it was a photo I took. Why they turned out like that I don't know! Maybe Sherry can tell us what kind of a bird it is? (hint hint! lol) Ok, I could be less lazy and look it up myself but by the time I do, DD will be on here for her homework again and then I will forget to post what it is and then a month from now, if you're lucky, I will remember to post what it is! So...Sherry??? :o)

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So, did you all have a nice Valentine's Day? Did anyone get anything unusual for Valentine's or was it just the normal cards, flowers and/or chocolate for everyone?

Well, my time is up! I have some chocolate chip cookies to get in the oven and DD needs to do some homework so this is it for today! Thanks so much for stopping by!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day......the day of love, couples, hearts. Today's postcard shows all three! :o)
At the zoo in Rotterdam, they have a butterfly area. This is one of the photos I got that actually turned out pretty good. See? Love, couple, hearts.... (BG)

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Sherry, thanks for letting me (us) know what yesterday's bird was! I really think it is such a beautiful bird!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!!!

At least I THINK it is a pink flamingo! :o)

Happy Friday the 13th! ( I LOVE this day!)

Just a quick post and then I am off again! Today's postcard is a photo I took when my MIL and I went to the zoo in Rotterdam. It looks like a young pink flamingo but I am not entirely sure what it is! Does anyone out there know??
I DO know the cage was filled with these birds and the bright color against the greens was beautiful. I fell in love with them! This little guy was kind enough to pose for me. Isn't he sweet?

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My son went back to work today and hubby is feeling better than yesterday but will still be taking tomorrow off as he is not 100% better yet. I don't mind too much! It doesn't suck having him around anyway! :o)

Aleah'sMommy - thanks for the tip about the onions! I will definitely try that! I am willing to try anything that might work and being natural is a definite plus! Thank you!

Ok, I am off again to watch tv with hubby.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Friday the 13th everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 12 - Just another brick in the wall

Well, ok, not really a brick but a stone. Or rock. Whichever! :o) Just sounded better with "brick" though! You all know the song, right?

This will be a quick post. I have 2 sickies on my hands; my son and my hubby. Dear son has been home sick for 3 days now and tonight, hubby came home from work, sick. I sure hope the boys keep it to themselves and don't pass it on to my daughter and I!
I am worried about hubby though. This is the 3rd time in as many weeks that he has been sick. His resistance must be really low this year. He definitely needs to see a dr I think.

Today's postcard is from France. We stayed in a hotel one night while traveling and this wall was out front. I thought it was so pretty so naturally, I had to snap a photo! Just something a bit different than all the travel photos. :o)

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Sherry, in answer to your question about the books.....I am not sure what the cost would be. You would have to check with your local post office. There is a "book/magazine" bag that can be sent at a lower rate than normal packages. As long as it is only books and/or magazines, it is cheaper. (It was like $6 for the full bag)
At least they used to have it! I don't know if they have changed that or not.
You are so sweet to ask! I definitely would never argue with English books of any kind, from anywhere or anyone! lol

Well, I am off to check on the sickies!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 11 - Monaco

Just a quick post today. Today is a view of Monaco, another country (principality) we were in last summer. Monaco is such a beautiful place. Everything is so crisp and clean looking. If you look closely at the photo, on the left you can see a sign hanging with a picture of Grace Kelly. They had something going on at the time about her and those signs were hanging all over the streets.
You see houses built on cliffs, yachts that looked as big as cruise ships and crystal clear blue water. I have never seen water so blue and when you are up in the hills, when you look down, the water is so clear you can see the bottom. I wish I could say I had more good photos but most of what I have either have people in them, are blurry from driving and shooting or have street lights or construction in them. I will look through the photos again and see if I can salvage any more for postcards or maybe try and make a collage postcard with what I can clip out of the photos.
If you ever get the chance to see Monaco, by all means, do, especially if you can drive there. The sight is well worth it!

Here is today's postcard:

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Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 10 - Salvadore Dali - Spain

I broke from the garden photos today. I am running behind and needed something quick! :o)

While on the vacation that took us to Italy, we also were in several other countries, with Spain being one of them. We drove into Spain and found this city, Figueres. We decided to roam around a bit and see what might be there. As luck would have it, the Salvadore Dali museum is there! On this first trip into Spain we didn't go into the museum but several days later, hubby and I went back, specifically for the museum. It definitely wasn't as good as I expected. Oh, his famous paintings are there naturally and it is definitely a funky museum, befitting Dali, for sure! I guess I just expected more from it is all. Too bad I was using my older camera at the time. A lot of the photos from inside the museum just didn't turn out.

Today's postcard is part of one wall in one of the rooms in the museum. Believe me, this photo doesn't do this one justice at all. This painting is just massive!

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Well, it is 11am and I am already running behind so I am off!
Thanks for stopping by again!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Villa Torrigiani - Feb 9

Thank goodness, the weekend is over! lol It wasn't a bad weekend at all, just a bit busy. Everything worked out perfectly though and my daughter had a wonderful slumber party. I think her favorite part was breakfast, Sunday morning. I made homemade waffles plus chocolate fondue with lots of fresh fruit! She just loves that! Oh, and don't forget the whipped cream! lol She takes cut up strawberries, whipped cream and drizzled chocolate and puts it on her waffle. It was funny because at first her friends weren't going to do it until they saw hers, then they ALL did it! It was too funny. No, I did not get any photos. *sigh* Just unheard of for me. I was relegated to the upstairs along with hubby and son. I was allowed to come down to make snacks at 10pm, before they started their movies and then of course, in the morning, to make breakfast. No photos were allowed during their "Sing Star" performances.
I have to admit, I would have loved to have taken photos of their faces in the morning as they were waking up! It was too cute! Ah well.....grab the photos while you can because as they get older, they sure do start objecting to photos!

On to the postcard! Today's postcard is a photo I shot of the house? mansion? villa? whatever you want to call it, that is on the grounds of the gardens. Or would the gardens be on the grounds of the house? Hmmm.
You would not believe the number of statues ON this house! They have them on every surface available! It doesn't look so bad in photos but in person, I found it almost vulgar, there were so many. Remember, what you are seeing here is only the front of the house! The statues go all the way around! lol
Oh, and for Deb Pearson.....this is Villa Torrigiani in Florence.

I have read that this garden was a secret garden and there used to be a wall at the top of the stairs. This wall had openings that lead to the pool or, if coming from the pool, down to the secret garden! :o)
I have some photos of the pool area but they are not very good at all. It was too late in the day to get any decent photos.

I found a wall poster online today that is almost the exact picture as today's postcard! The poster had some better lighting and the top of the house with all the statues there didn't fade away like they do in my photo. It was cool though to find a poster with an almost identical view of my photo. Here it is:

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Well, I should get to work! I started working on a Valentine kit on Fri and would you believe, I have it almost finished? Saturday and Sunday I got no time to work on it at all! It was all done on Fri! Maybe I am starting to get my mojo back? That would be nice!

Diane (aka diharper) - Thank you so much for letting me know how you are enjoying and using the cards! I am thrilled to hear you mailed some of them out! You definitely put a smile on my face today! Thank you!

MaryE - Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments day after day! They are so nice to read!

Sherry - You are welcome anytime and you know it! We might have a hard time adopting you but we can sure try! This is Holland after all and anything is possible here! :o)

To everyone that stops by, reads the blog and/or grabs the postcard......thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb 8

Yes, I am extremely late today! I am sorry! This is the first chance I have had to get on the computer and even now, I have just enough time to post this and run again!
Just another view of the stairway. You can see how many sets of stairs there are on this thing.
(Deb Pearson - This is in a garden in Italy. I am not sure of the name of the gardens at this moment but I will check my vacation notes and let you know tomorrow, hopefully!)

Anyway, here is today's postcard! I hope you enjoy it!

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I will be answering comments tomorrow! I'm sorry, just too busy today!
Thank you all for stopping by and for leaving your wonderful comments!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb 7 - The Stairs

You know how I keep talking about the stairs in this garden? Well, today you get to see them! Mind you, there is a tiny bit cut off from each side as they are just massive! I had to stand so far back in order to get them into one photo!
You see the door on each side? You can go in either one of these doors and walk through, under the stairs. It's lit up and so very cool, literally in every way but there were also bats! Since it was cooler in there than outside, I would have stayed in there for awhile but I really HATE bats! lol I tried to get a photo of one but it didn't turn out so well! No big loss really!
I have some more photos of the stairs from different angles but you only get part of the stairs each time. This is really the best photo of the whole staircase.
You couldn't walk on the stairs at the time we were there. They had them roped off as they were in serious need of repair.
Yes, those are more statues on the top of the stairs. I swear these people were just crazy for statues! Wait until you see all the statues on the mansion! That's another photo though!

Anyway, this is today's postcard! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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I may be late posting Sunday's postcard. I will be out most of the day today, tonight my daughter is having her slumber party from her birthday last month and Sunday, my in-laws are coming over for the kids' birthdays! Between everyone being sick and then so much going on, we are just getting around to celebrating! :o) Normally my posts go up at 6am EST but probably look for it later in the day on Sunday, unless I get time later today to get it set up before the girls get here.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb 6

This beautiful statue was in a small water filled alcove below the stairs in the garden I have been showing you. I just love how the stones look. So different than normal! If you look closely on the postcard, you can see some green growing in those rocks on the wall as well. Just so beautiful! And these postcards I have been making you of this garden are just small bits and not even the beautiful stairway yet! I am saving that! :o)

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Catching up on some comments that have been left:

Becky - I hope your daughter is enjoying the postcards and that maybe she will venture to see some of these things while she is in Europe! When is she going and for how long?

Sibylle - I would have gladly gone out for photos but the snow doesn't stay long enough here! Only a few times, like 3, I think, in the almost 9 years that I have been here, have we gotten enough snow to get out and get photos! Even if we get a few inches in the morning, it starts melting almost right away! I do have some photos from some of our snows though and will try and post some of them for you at a later date, ok?
PS As for making more postcards, I hope to post a new postcard every day of 2009! Not sure I will make it but I am sure going to try so load up that Mac!!

Sherry - Yes, we get movies and tv in English. :o) This is one reason why the Dutch can speak English so well! They hear it pretty much starting at birth plus they take English in school.

MaryE - I've never seen Across the Universe. Never even heard of it! I will have to check it out! Thank you!

Addicted2Scrappin - I am glad you are enjoying the postcards! Hoorn isn't too far from us; about an hour north, up near Amsterdam. We are just a bit south of Rotterdam.

Val (in Florida) - I know you didn't comment here on the site but wanted to shout out to you and say hi! I am happy to know you are stopping by! I miss you girl!

Thank you to all of you and everyone else that has been stopping by and for leaving comments! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the postcards even if there are only a few of you! As long as they bring a smile to someone's face, then my idea is working!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 5

I have so many photos of this garden I have to share several of them with you. This garden was just so pretty! A lady I met here said this one isn't even as pretty as another she saw earlier in the day! I couldn't believe it! I wish I had had more time to see the other one! I was happy to walk around this one though.

I actually found this garden from a photo in a travel book. They had a photo of the stairs, (which I will post another day), and I fell in love! I told hubby I just HAD to see that garden! It took us about 2 hours to get there from where we were staying but it was well worth the drive. :o)

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That's it for today!
Thanks for stopping by! I have enjoyed the company! :o)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4

We actually had snow yesterday! We have had more snow this winter than the last 8 years combined! Now mind you, that's not saying a lot because we don't get much snow at all here but this year, it just keeps snowing and snowing!
It snowed off and on all day. One of those thick flakes, slow falling, snow falls. I had to keep stopping whatever I was doing, sit down and just stare out the window and watch it snow!
Now of course, all this snow is not getting me into my garden anytime soon and I am itching to get started but I am enjoying the snowfalls while we have them!

Today's postcard is a wall in this beautiful garden we visited while in Italy. I just loved how old and rustic it looked and then with the beautiful flowers, it just seemed perfect to me. It never ceases to amaze me how old everything is here in Europe. Everything is so "young" in America, even the "old" states. Here, it's nothing to see dates on buildings showing 1500, 1600, etc. I never get tired of seeing the history in all of these buildings.

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Well, that's it for now! I hope you enjoy today's postcard!
Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb 3 - Florence

Today's postcard is a beautiful little area between buildings I found while walking toward the river to get a photo of the Ponte Vecchio. It was just there and personally, I found it quite beautiful in it's simplicity. I loved the colors, too!

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Not much else to say at the moment so I will just leave you with the postcard.
Thanks for stopping by! It's always nice to have company!
Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mamma Mia

Just a quick thank you to MaryE for letting me know what movie you watched. I had to check it out and it was GREAT!!!! I loved every minute of it!
If you haven't seen the movie yet, you really should check it out! Plus, the yummy Pierce Brosnan is in it! :o)
Thank you MaryE!

Feb 2 - Ponte Vecchio

It is a yukky day here. The sky is gray, we had snow, then hail and now rain and it is not even 2pm! Going through the photos from warm Italy helps take away the cold.
The day we were in Florence, here where the bridge is, it was 44C which is about 110F. It was a VERY hot day! Actually, the whole time we were in Italy, it was hot, hot, hot! Tip: Don't go to Italy in July or August unless you like extreme heat! :o)

Anyway......today's postcard is the famous (or is it infamous?) Ponte Vecchio bridge. The bridge is over the Arno River and has a lot of jewelry shops as well as other shops on it.
It has a lot of history attached to it which is interesting. Supposedly, the Ponte Vecchio was saved by Hitler. When the Germans retreated during WW2, Hitler ordered that the bridge not be destroyed. They did destroy the buildings on both ends so no one could access the bridge but the bridge itself, was saved.
Personally, I thought the bridge was ok; nothing spectacular, but my husband loved it. He even bought a replica of the bridge that he keeps on his desk!
This photo is from the museum side of the bridge.

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Well, that's it for today! I am going to get some housework done and then I think I will curl up and watch another movie! :o)
Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feb 1 - David

Well, January is gone and it is February 1. Can you believe it? I swear it was just last night we were celebrating New Year's Eve!! *sigh* (I hit the wrong button so this post is going out a bit early! lol)

Our postcard trip has us lingering in Italy; Florence, to be precise! What would a trip to Italy be without seeing Michelangelo's David? Well, again, this is not the original as the original is in the museum which is actually just a little to the right of this statue. This is the David that is in the square, along with several other gorgeous statues.
Coming into this square made me squeal with joy! We had no idea we were so close. You come out of the little streets which feel like alleys, all crowded and small and suddenly, this square opens up in front of you. The museum is there, statues all over, stores, restaurants and outdoor seating. It is beautiful really and especially when you aren't expecting it! This square is just a little before the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge.

I have done a little "cover up" on the preview since this is a family page! :o) I realize this is art and not something "nasty" but just in case the powers that be see it otherwise.....
I assure you, the actual "postcard" does not have that beautiful fall leaf strategically placed! lol

Link has been removed

I hope you are enjoying your photo tour through Europe! I wish my older photos were larger. I have so many photos that make beautiful postcards but not 4x6! I think I said in an earlier post I might try making a collage postcard with some of the photos. Maybe if I get some time to sit down and do that one of these days, I will!

I have watched several movies over the last few days. They have been pretty good for the most part.
1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - different, somewhat interesting and a bit slow and long
2. Slumdog Millionaire - at first, I thought I was watching the wrong movie. I expected something else but I found it ok and watched it to the end. I LOVED the music in it!
3. The Lake House - definitely good! A little confusing sometimes but good just the same!
4. The Wedding Planner - How can anything with Matthew McConaughey be anything but good??? lol
5. Yes Man - This wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Normally, you can't go wrong with a Jim Carrey movie but I just didn't find this as funny as I thought it would be.
A few others as well but I just can't think of the titles right now. Have any of you seen any of these movies and what did you think of them?

Well, that's it for today! Thanks for stopping by!
See you tomorrow!