Monday, October 22, 2007

New layout

I admit it! I am horrible at blogging but will try to do better!

I finally made a new layout! I used Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit to make a layout for a quickpage exchange I got in to. I haven't had much time for scrapping lately but when I saw this exchange, I thought it would be nice for Rachel's wedding photos. Now I have over 40 quickpages to add the photos to and I will finally have a book done! Well, I SHOULD anyway! We will see how THAT goes!
Here is the link to Blush's beautiful kit:
Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding

I have been creating kits for the Rainbow chat at Digitals, making a few Halloween kits and just trying to finish up some other kits I have been working on for months now! I will add previews of the new kits when I get them!

I am back in school for Dutch. I am still not learning any grammar though so not sure how much good the class will do but we will see!

Other than that, life is pretty normal. This is why I don't write! :o)
Until next time....