Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back To School Sale & Freebie!

Welcome back! I know it's been awhile!

First, the Back To School sale at Digitals!

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I also have a freebie for you just because you took the time to stop by! Please leave me a comment or even just say hi! :o)

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Sale! April 2 - 4!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3

I took pictures today but I haven't downloaded them to my computer yet! I was busy all day getting the Christmas stuff put away (which I still have quite a bit to finish up with!) and my daughter used my computer to get her homework done. I hope to get the photos loaded up tomorrow and then I will post one for today!

Nothing new actually. It was a pretty day today, with the sun shining on the snow. Really felt like a winter day which was actually nice for a change!

Gardening -
I recycled a few more containers today. They should be nice for starting seeds. Not huge ones but big enough and they have lids! My daughter was teasing me saying heaven forbid should a container get thrown away in this house! lol Hey, what can I say? I believe in recycling, helping the environment, saving the rain forest and having containers to start my beloved plants in come Spring! :o)

I was looking at my milk jug today (a 2 liter plastic jug) and wondering if it would be big enough to plant pepper seeds in and leave them in to grow? After cutting, it is 6" deep, 4" wide and 4" across. Last year my pepper plants, in pots, didn't get very big and I only got one (nice!) pepper off each plant. Perhaps the pot wasn't big enough? Perhaps the milk jug wouldn't be big enough? It would sure save me some garden space if I could put the peppers in milk jugs. Has anyone tried it with any success? Please let me know!

Is there anyone reading this blog that has reused soap slivers? I have been saving all of my soap slivers for about a year now, thinking I would remelt them and make some new bars of soap. Has anyone done this, how does it work? Do I just melt the slivers down? In the oven, in a pan on the stove, in a double boiler? I don't have soap molds so I was thinking about just putting some cupcake papers in the pan and putting the melted soap in those. Then just peel and use! I have never done it before though so I am not entirely sure how or even if, it will work! Has anyone done this? Let me know! I would love to hear from you!

Well, that's it for today! Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2

Santa is my photo today! I am crazy about Santas and have a small collection of them. Every year I try to add at least one new Santa but this year, I didn't find one. My friend, however, gave me a plant with a Santa climbing up the trellis! I also got a giant Santa cookie from my daughter and I did buy a Santa boot planter! I, personally, did not buy a new Santa this year though!

On another note, we got some more snow today! Now I know that isn't uncommon at this time of year for a lot of people but in the 10 years I have been in Holland, not one year have I seen as much snow as we have gotten already this winter! I actually think you could take the previous 9 years, add up the snow and it still wouldn't equal what we got in the past month alone! It is wonderful! I am loving it, that's for sure! I am a northern girl, born and bred. I come from Wisconsin where winters are cold and snowy! I am no stranger to either one so how did I end up in a country where if they get an inch, they feel like they got a blizzard? Oh well, I will enjoy it while it lasts!

Even with the snow and cold, I am already dreaming about my garden and what I am going to plant and how and where! See, this year is going to be a bit tricky. I don't have my big garden anymore, just the backyard. Now, unlike in the States, yards here are not big at all! I am lucky to have a yard here to be honest! While my yard is not tiny, it is also not big and only about half of it is usable for a garden because the other half gets too much shade. I have 2 - 4x4 squares, 1 - 2x4 square and on the other side, probably a 4x6 area. I have lots of fencing, a patio, and some ladders. I got some shallow rain gutters I am going to secure to the fence and try growing lettuces, radishes, and probably some herbs in them since they are all shallow rooted. I will throw in a few flower seeds here and there as well. They are too shallow for much else but even getting the lettuces out of the 4x4 will give me 2-3 squares I used last year, plus, if I can get parsley and basil in the gutters, that opens up my 2x4 as well as that's where I had those.
I am going to try and raise the ladders up on posts and then attach fencing or screen on the sides from the top down to the ground. On these, I can grow peas or beans and maybe, up the posts, I can grow cucumbers or small pumpkins that will grow along the top ladders and can hang down then. I also have another painters ladder that I want to put a bunch of pots on the rungs. I figure again, maybe herbs, beans(bush), maybe some single pots with onions in? lol I don't know!
It is so hard to go from 300 sq meters of space to about 8(?) sq meters. It is breaking my heart but I am determined to make the most of the space I have! If anyone has any ideas for growing veggies in such a small space, send me a note! In the meantime, I will keep dreaming and thinking about how to grow a ton in a small space! :o)

Well, that is all for today, I do believe! Thanks for stopping by and see you again tomorrow!

January 1 Happy New Year!

January 1 - cappuccino

What, you may ask, am I doing posting a picture of a cup of coffee? Well, I was blog hopping this past week and read about 365 days of photo taking. Now I take a lot of photos, (just ask anyone who goes anywhere with me!), however, I don't take photos every day! I am going to try and take one photo a day, of things that mean something to me, ARE me, affect me, tease me, taunt me, or just plain move me in some way. Will I manage 365 days? Who knows? I managed to quit smoking finally so maybe I can do this, too! No promises, because we all know what happened with the postcards last year! Let's just start out and see what happens!

The coffee, cappuccino, is the first thing I do when I get up. I head for the machine and make my coffee!
In America, I always drank my coffee hot and black. Here in Holland, the coffee is SO much stronger and for the first several years I was here, I never touched coffee because of it. Then along came the Senseo machine and cappuccino! Oh, I was in heaven! I am not a milk and sugar fan but here was a coffee I could finally drink! I finally have my coffee again, every morning, and can't imagine starting a day without it! How about you? What do you drink to start your day?

If you would like to join me in this 365 day photo challenge, drop me a line at spellweaverdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com. If you are blogging it, send me a link to your blog and I will link to you on my home page!

Well, there you have day 1 of the challenge! Will you join me?

Happy New Year everyone! May your best day of 2009 be your worst day of 2010!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010!

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!
May your best day in 2009 be your worst day in 2010!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Bingo!!!

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