Friday, August 14, 2009

Creative Team Search

Do you love to scrap?

Do you make hybrid projects out of digital scrapbook materials?

Do you like getting free kits in exchange for creating a layout or two?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this email is for you!

I am searching for a few scrappers for my Creative Team.

You do NOT have to be on a creative team to apply! You do NOT have to have prior experience!

Experienced scrappers, members of other CT’s are also welcome to apply!

No matter what your level of experience, you must love scrapping or creating with scrapbook materials!

I will admit to being interested in hybrid scrappers as well as layout scrappers! (Hybrid to me is making crafty things from digital kits. Calendars, boxes, bags, clocks, etc)

What do I ask of you?

-I ask 1-2 layouts or hybrid projects or a combination from each kit. I don’t make a lot of kits, I am easy to work with and my kits are PACKED! :o)

-I ask you to work with my new kits but my old kits are also available for playing with! I understand not all kits work for everyone so if a kit doesn’t work for you, you can choose something else to work with! You can work with any or all of my kits but only one kit at a time.

-I ask that you post your layouts to 2-3 galleries, one of which should be Digitals, as that’s where I sell my products!

If you post layouts to Yahoo groups, even better, but not required!

-I ask for you to send me the links so I can leave you some love.

-I ask for honest feedback on my kits. If you hated it, I want to know so I can improve on the next one! If you loved it, I want to know! If you think it needs more or certain elements, I want to know! I just ask you to be honest, no matter what you think of them!

-You must be able to download files from 4shared, Mediafire, etc.

-You must agree to NEVER share the files or links with ANYONE or any group. If I catch you doing it, you will be immediately let go from the team.

Sound simple enough? Why not take a look at my store and see if my style appeals to you!

You can find my store HERE

So you looked through my store and decided you are interested in joining my team. Here’s what you do now:

Send me an email at:

Tell me about yourself.

How long have you been scrapping? What kind of kits interest you most? Are you more of a paper or element type scrapper? Do you do hybrid? Are you a crafter? Do you send layouts through Yahoo groups? How much time do you spend scrapping per week on average? Are you on any other creative teams and if so, which designers/stores?

Anything else you can think of that might interest me, let me know!

I ask for links to your galleries. 1, 2, 3, or more! It doesn’t matter, wherever you post the most so I can see your work! If you post different layouts in different galleries, send me all the links! If you post all of your layouts at several galleries, then just send one link! Just let me see your work!

I am leaving for Germany Monday, August 24, so please send all responses by Friday, August 21. I will make a decision before I leave. If I don’t get enough responses, then I will perhaps run this again after I get back but I would really like to have this wrapped up before I leave.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

Denise aka Spellweaver

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2 - Butterfly postcard

Well, I made another postcard today! The flowers are the same ones as on yesterday's postcard but I caught a butterfly on them! Isn't he pretty? He was so sweet to hold still long enough for me to snap this photo of him!

Link has been removed

I am finding it a boring day today for some reason! I have plenty of things I could do to stay busy but you know how those lazy Sundays can be! This is definitely one of them! I just have no energy or enthusiasm for anything. I could be cleaning, doing laundry, ironing, designing, even just playing games on Facebook but nothing trips my trigger today. *sigh* These are the kind of days you should have in the winter when you can curl up and take a nap. Summer days are made for doing something and not sleeping! Oh well, it is 8:30pm so the day is almost over so I guess it really doesn't matter so much anymore.
What do YOU do when you have days like this?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1 - Postcards!!!

Hello! :o)

I felt like making a postcard today believe it or not! I know many of you have been missing them so I will try to make them again. I won't promise a new one every day but I will do what I can!

Today's postcard is of some flowers I have in a wooden chair planter. I just loved the colors together plus of course, the flowers! I hope you like it!

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Have a wonderful day! See you next time!